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As I've been traveling around in support of Thunder From a Clear Sky I have been fortunate enough to participate in a number of radio spots. Some of these have been taped, and, with the help of my friend, Don Johnson, these tapes have been digitally mastered. They are presented here to give a little flavor of what I have been talking about with others on the subject of the book.

The first interview posted is from October 24, 2005, at WSON Radio, 860 AM. It was a great pleasure for me. I'll talk to anyone about the raid. The whole thing was like I was in a living room chatting with a few friends about Adam Johnson and the raiders. click the WSON button to hear the 22 minute interview. My thanks to Bill Stevens and the SPEAK UP program.

The second interview posted is from my October 8, 2005, interview with KBEY Texas News director Art Dlugach. Art interviewed me during my tour of Burnet and Marble Falls in October 2005. He had a tape recorder and a hand-held microphone. We talked for maybe 15 minutes or so and Art afterwards edited the interview up into two small pieces for broadcast in Texas. What I've posted is the raw interview that Art later worked down to the finished set pieces for the radio. The interview was conducted outdoors at Fort Croghan. I will publish Art's finished pieces in the future. My thanks to Art Dlugach, News Director of KBEY 92.5 FM, Texas.

My third piece in this section is a song that documents the exploits of Jake Bennet's raid on Owensboro and specifically mentions Colonel [Adam] Johnson by name. Bennet was one of Johnson's first recruits in the summer of 1862 and was likely one of the Newburgh raiders. This song was brought to my attention by Nancy Hitt of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. I had the pleasure to meet Nancy at the Sacramento Battle re-enactment in Sacramento, Kentucky, in 2005. The name of the tune is called Rebel Partisan from an album called Wanted: Border Ruffians. The author and performer of this song is Terry Warren. I have included an interview with Mr. Warren next to the song.

Piece No. 4 is composed of two short one-minute clips from a local National Public Radio station program called Sonic I. D.s. Sonic I. D.s are short interviews about various interesting subjects which are broadcast between larger feature pieces to offer a local change-of-pace. Daniel Moore of WNIN 88.3 FM is the producer of Sonic I. D.s and he did two piece on me and Thunder From a Clear Sky. Check it out by pressing the WNIN button.

Piece No. 5 is my final speech on Thunder From a Clear Sky delivered December 6, 2008 at the Louisville Civil War Roundtable, Big Spring Country Club, Louisville, Kentucky. This is a great piece, recorded digitally by John Davis of the LCWRT and presented here with his permission. It is a massive 76 minutes in length and is the best recorded speech of mine on Thunder. As everyone knows, I poke fun at several of the unlikely events and people that crossed paths with me on my journey with Thunder. I have some fun exaggerating my first visit to Henderson and some other things, but I never met anyone in this experience who wasn't more helpful than they ever had a reason to be. Thank you.