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Originally it was my intention to write periodic Civil War book reviews. Well, with several new projects of my own underway, writing book reviews fell down the list of priorities. The book reviews I have finished thus far will remain a part of the website. As for future book reviews, I will post them as I complete them. Unfortunately, there will be no set schedule for review completion and no set list of books which are intended for review. I read many Civil War books. Right now I'm reading several books about Civil War letters as a way to inform myself regarding my current work. In the future, I may post something about one of the them. If you want to know more about my current project about the unpublished Civil War letters of an Indiana soldier, click here.

For now, these are the book reviews I have completed.

Now posted: My review of Sabine Pass: The Confederacy's Thermopylae by Edward T. Cotham, Jr. The review includes a short interview with the author. Mr. Cotham is the author of three Civil War books.

Now posted: My review of The Partisan Rangers of the Confederate States Army by Adam Rankin Johnson. This is CSA General Adam R. Johnson's 1904 autobiography, now being printed by State House Press.

Now posted: My review of Camp Nelson, Kentucky: A Civil War History, by Richard D. Sears. The review includes a short interview with the author, Dr. Richard Sears, Chair of the Department of English and Theater at Berea College, Kentucky.

Now posted: My review of Camp Morton, 1861-1865: Indianapolis Prison Camp, by Hattie Lou Winslow & Joseph R. H. Moore. Originating from a talk given by Joseph Moore in 1932, Camp Morton was published in book form in 1995.

Now posted: My review of Den of Misery: Indiana's Civil War Prison. Just after I finished my Camp Morton book review, the first new book on Camp Morton in more than 50 years was published, Den of Misery: Indiana's Civil War Prison. I posted a short review of Den of Misery and have just now included an interview with author James R. Hall.

Now posted: My review of Battle of Perryville, 1862: Culmination of the Failed Kentucky Campaign. The review includes a short interview with the author, Robert P. Broadwater. Mr. Broadwater is a well-known author of Civil War books and Perryville is doing well in bookstores.

Now Posted: My final review of 2006, Lester Horwitz's Pulitzer Prize-nominated The Longest Raid of the Civil War. The review includes a lengthy interview with Mr. Horwitz. This book is the definitive work on General John Hunt Morgan's Great Raid through Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. Fifteen years in research and five more to write, The Longest Raid stands as one of the most important Civil War history works in the last 25 years.