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The song Rebel Partisan with permission from Terry Warren

This is a song about one of Adam Johnson's earliest recruits, Jake Bennett. Bennett was one of the young soldiers who refused to join Johnson when he was recruiting in June 1862 because he thought Johnson was too young. He joined Johnson in July and was likely one of the Newburgh raiders. I interviewed the song writer behind Rebel Partisan, Mr. Terry Warren. The song (mp3) is directly below and the interview is published below the song file. Just click the mp3 below to hear the song:

Rebel Partisan mp3


          RM: Few people know about Johnson's Partisan Rangers and fewer still know about Jake Bennett's raid on Owensboro. How did you learn about it and what inspired you to write about?

          Mr. Warren: I first learned of the raid from word of mouth from my grandfather, when I was a young boy. His grandfather rode under Jake Bennett's command in Co. A, 10th KY Partisan Rangers and participated in the raid. The simple fact that I had an ancestor who participated in such a daring undertaking was all the inspiration I needed.

          RM: You are a man of many accomplishments both musical and charitable. Could you talk a little about what you've been doing to honor Civil War memories?

          Mr. Warren: Sir; I thank ya'll for your most kind words. I haven't accomplished nearly as much as I would have liked in either the music or my heritage work. My family and I, as well as the "Border Ruffian Band", have traveled extensively across the country, but mostly the Midwest and the South, performing WBTS period music for Memorials and cemetery fundraisers, as well as memorial services for CSA veterans in my duties as a Heritage Officer in the Sons of Confederate Veterans. I have been lucky enough to have been invited to speak on my Confederate ancestors, red and white alike, as well as participating in some living histories. It is safe to say that I have donated several hundred CDs over the past few years to be used as raffle and auction items in memorial preservation fundraisers and such. My family and I have personally undertaken the duty to maintain the several Confederate graves that exist in our county, as well as surrounding counties. We have also cleaned up several forgotten Union veterans' graves as well. I have worked one on one with the SUVCW (Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War) in heritage and memorial issues. I am very happy to say there is, for the most part, a good working relationship between the SCV and the SUVCW. I do not really consider these charitable acts, but prefer to think of them as duties owed to these venerable American veterans. America (in my opinion) has lost far too much of its history already, and our veterans are rapidly being forgotten as the world rushes along at warp speed in day to day life. I think it would be a travesty to all who served and gave their all in the bloodiest conflict ever upon American soil if the memory and memorials of their escapades were to be lost. That of course is just one man's opinion.

          RM: How did your interest in the Civil War and your interest in music first come together in the formation of your current career?

          Mr. Warren: I have been a muscian/performer/songwriter since 1967, basically the folk/rock/ and blues generes. I had purchased over the years several WBTS period music projects from various artists. By happen chance I played some of these other artists' CDs for my booking agent; she in turn suggested that I entertain the idea of writing and recording such a CD. So I did......the first Border Ruffian Band CD "Wanted" was nominated for four (4) Beacon Music Awards, and it won single of the year for the song "Border Ruffians." We followed up that CD with "Southron Steel" last year and received a record breaking six (6) nominations. We won three (3) more Beacon Awards, and placed runner up in the three (3) remaining categories. My "Copperheads" project was also nominated for three (3) awards and took runner up in all three categories. The past couple of years have been some of the best in my near forty (40) year music career.

My thanks to songwriter, performer, and preservationist Terry Warren of the Border Ruffian Band. If you would like to know more about his music go here