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Thunder from a Clear Sky:
Stovepipe Johnson's Confederate Raid on Newburgh, Indiana

Summer 1862. A young Confederate cavalryman rides into Kentucky with a set of verbal orders from the former vice president of the United States, General John C. Breckinridge. Cavalryman Adam Johnson's orders are to recruit a Confederate regiment from Union-held western Kentucky. After a series of surprise nocturnal strikes and opportunistic military occupations, Johnson's recuits begin coming in. But there's a problem - many of them are poorly armed. In an unprecedented gamble to arm his burgeoning regiment, he leads 27 hardscrabble Kentucky rebels on the first Confederate raid north of the Mason-Dixon Line in the American Civil War. The raid on Newburgh, Indiana, is underway.

          Vivid, thorough, and painstakingly researched, Thunder from a Clear Sky documents five critical weeks of 1862 Civil War history and shares the untold tale of one man's immeasurable impact on a nation at war.

Thunder from a Clear Sky was published to a surprising reaction in June 2005. Thousands of copies later, the publisher, after a six-month makeover, has re-launched Thunder to a wider audience.

Below are the changes for the August 2006 re-release of
Thunder from a Clear Sky:

Re-designed and professionally polished front and back cover art
(jacket artwork and text revised for both the hardcover and softcover versions)

Larger font
(one of the most common criticisms of the first edition was the small font)

Completely re-edited manuscript
(grammatical, usage, and sentence structure corrections)

Praise pages
(now includes reviews and praise in the front of the book)

Increased page count
(font changes have pushed the book to 200 pages)

(softcover is now $12.95; hardcover is now $22.95)

Same great story
(it now reads smoother as the result of editing corrections)

Did I mention it had a better picture of me on the back cover??
Its worth the price for this alone!