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The Newburg Home Guard

I've written many times about the importance of the Newburg Home Guard. These were the men who were responsible for defending Newburg from the exact threat posed by Adam Johnson in Kentucky. Despite the obvious increase in rebel activity in the weeks before the raid, not a single member of the Guard was posted in defense of Newburg on July 18, 1862. Of course, there was a constant detail on the waterfront at Newburg from July 19 to November 1, 1862. By that time "the bird had flown," never to return.
Newburg Home Guard I page includes information about the first incarnation of the Newburg Home Guards, formed in May 1861. Because there is so little information on the Newburg Home Guard (or any Home Guard for that matter), the information on these pages is pretty rare. However, what does exist is fascinating to say the least. Take a look.
Newburg Home Guard II page includes the second existing roster of the Guards, dated September 1861. This roster, too, is illuminating. The roster comes to us written in alphabetical order, which likely means that it was a list formally organized after volunteers had come in for some time. The fact that the roster notes twice as many men as the May 1861 list is also important in that it shows that the desire to become part of the Guard steadily increased through the summer and fall of 1861. Amazingly, the roster is a veritable "who's who" of the Newburg raid.
          Stay tuned for future entries in this history of the Newburg Home Guard.