Acoustic Guitar
I've been studying and playing the music of Leo Kottke on the guitar for a long time. Leo Kottke was the best American acoustic guitarist of the last half of the 20th century. He still tours hundreds of dates a year and if you can get a chance to see him, go. He's as much an entertainer now as a guitarist. Now in his mid-60s, he's slowed his style of playing down quite a bit.
       For a long time I thought I'd never hear a guitar player better or more interesting than Leo Kottke. Recently, however, I have. His name is Andy Mckee. When I listened to his music for the first time I remember reacting the same way I did when I first heard Kottke in High School. Shock and awe. Stylistically, Kottke and McKee don't have much in common, but they attract the listener just the same.
       It's been a long journey for me with the guitar. I remember getting my first guitar as a teenager and playing it for months before I knew you had to tune it. By the way, I'm a lefty player, which makes procuring quality instruments a little harder. Before the internet, getting a quality left-handed instrument was an impossibility. Now you can get a good one if you search the web for a few months. I'll tell you a little about my guitars in the following pages.