Star Book

I received the exciting news yesterday that Thunder From a Clear Sky has been accepted into the iUniverse Star Book program. This means that the book will be fully returnable for retailers. I'm not excited that the book is returnable, I'm excited that retailers who have a policy of only dealing with returnable books will now willingly stock the book. For example, Books-a-Million only stocks books that are returnable. It also means that the book will receive a thorough once over from the publisher, cleaning up any loose ends and possibly getting a new look. It will also be offered to Barnes & Noble stores nationwide for on-shelf placement. In other words, not just a regional book- now its national. I've put hundreds of hours into this book, and getting this honor is a validation of all the effort I've put in.
       The website is now 90% finished. I have a few more details to see to. I'll also be generating additional pages for podcasts, interviews, etc. Looks like I'm on schedule for a February 22 re-release announcement.