The website is done. I've had a website since last April using Yahoo's Sitebuilder. Sitebuilder is good, but without me knowing HTML I don't think it served be well. I've struggled with Rapidweaver for a good two weeks. Using a template, I suppose you could throw up a simple website in one day with the program. But if you want to do different things (change the headline banner, include links under the button bar, format things as you want), it will take some investment. Now that I've spend tons of time on the RW forum, and have learned a great deal, I think I will enjoy how quickly I can update it as I want. If you have a mac, I can recommend it. On February 22, I will be issuing an email to everyone I know announcing the re-launch of the Thunder From a Clear Sky website. I'll be issuing major updates to the site during the next three months- adding several audio files of my radio interviews, my upcoming book review, and other news as it happens.