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December 2008

December 6 * Guest Speaker- Louisville Civil War Roundtable

       It's mindboggling to think that I first met Donald Meyer at the Kentucky State Book Fair in November of 2006. It was at that event that Don and I first talked about me coming to the Louisville Civil War Roundtable to talk about Adam R. Johnson. More than two years later, I finally made it to the LCWRT. It wasn't easy. The night I was to speak had a sneak attack of icy weather. As I was driving over the Ohio River bridge into Louisville I felt like there was a pretty good chance that this was going to be my last day on earth. It was very, very icy on the bridge and I have a relatively light-weight, two-wheel drive car.
       Gratefully, I survived the bridge and made it in good time to the event. I spent the time beforehand talking to as many members as I could. The downside of the evening was that the weather kept away a good number of members, but there was still around 25 people on hand to hear my last scheduled talk on the Newburgh Raid. I really enjoyed myself and the speech was recorded. Although things haven't worked out for some previously recorded speaking engagements, maybe this one will pan out and I will be able to post the recording. I also briefly introduced my new work -
Kentuckians in Gray. I am a co-author with a host of other Civil War experts on this new book.
       I stayed overnight in Louisville and was glad I did as the weather remained uncooperative. By the next morning the temperature had come up and I was safely home again by noon. I had a great time at my last Newburgh Raid speech for awhile and it was bittersweet to embark on an extended break from Adam Johnson. I'll be back. My thanks to Don Meyer and everyone at the LCWRT.

December 12 * Guest Speaker- North High School, Evansville, IN

       My son and I were talking about the Civil War one night and he got excited about what I had to say. Before I knew what was happening he had scheduled for me to come in and share some local Civil War events with his history class. Of course, my son told me the wrong time to be there. We were set for 2 PM when suddenly he calls me at work at 1 PM and says he needs me at school now. Mr. Kohlmeyer was very gracious and simply turned the class over to me after a few minutes. I had no idea what a class of 17 year-olds might want to hear. I just started talking about whatever came into my head. I think I made it interesting. The good news is that no one fell asleep after almost an hour of me prattling on. I hope we can figure something out whereby the class could take up my book and I would act as an adjunct, coming in for a period to discuss the book, the history, the writing process, whatever might come up.
       My thanks to Mr. Kohlmeyer.