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April 2009

April 19 * Book Signing - Wabash County Museum, Mount Carmel, IL
Mount Carmel
Sitting at my station at the Wabash County Museum on April 19, 2009

So I'm sitting in my northern Evansville home on the morning of April 19 and there has been a steady, pounding rain for eight hours. I'm thinking to myself, "Small town, pouring rain, cool temperatures - if it were me, I'd probably stay in bed." But I got ready and on the way to the museum it stopped raining. The museum had a Lincoln-Douglas debate featured and guess what? The town of Mount Carmel showed up! There was more than 60 people at the event and I got an opportunity to talk to a lot of folks. I sold more books than I thought I would when I was pondering my fate at home that morning.
       The Wabash County Museum is a nice little county museum with a lot of information on local events. Claudia Dant did a nice job putting on the event and everyone was grateful for the afternoon. To my surprise, Claudia had found a July 25, 1862, article on the Newburgh Raid published by the
Mount Carmel Democrat. I had never seen this article before and didn't even know that little Mount Carmel had its own Civil War era newspaper. In fact, the museum has quite a few issues of the Democrat and is having them microfilmed. This is a valuable and rapidly disappearing source of Civil War information.
       In all it was a great day and I really enjoyed myself. If you're in the neighborhood of Mount Carmel, Illinois, I recommend you stop in to the Wabash County Museum. Say hello to Claudia for me. The museum now carries copies of
Thunder From a Clear Sky for sale.