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December 2007

December 1 * Book Vendor- 21st Annual Middle Tennessee Civil War Show & Sale, Nashville, TN

I had so much fun last year spending Friday night before the Nashville Civil War show at Greg Biggs's house that I sort of invited myself to a repeat performance this year. Again, it was tons of fun. Greg was gone at a Civil War presentation, but Greg's wife Karel and I had dinner at a local Chinese restaurant and discussed the events of 2007. Bright and early next morning, Greg, Karel, and I were on the way to the Nashville show. I had reserved a great spot with the event organizer earlier this year and I sold exactly the same quantity of books this year as I did last year- a quantity that I was very happy with. I won't be doing this appearance again next year, so I really tried to soak in the entire experience.
       This appearance was very special for me because I purchased an original document directly pertaining to the Newburgh Raid. It was a letter written by an eye-witness to the Newburgh events and greatly broadened the details of the Newburgh Raid. The information in this letter will appear in the future when I turn my attention back to the
Thunder From a Clear Sky.
       My thanks again to Greg Biggs for his hospitality in putting me up on the evening before the show and in helping me greatly with any and every Civil War question I can come up with.

December 15 * Book Vendor- Barnes & Noble, Evansville, IN

Well, I've said it before so many times that its hard for me to believe. Including the few books that I left with B & N to restock their shelves, more than 70 books passed through my hands on the day. Mariana Mudd, the manager at the shop, said she'd never seen such staying power in a book. For a book that has been available for 33 months to sell 70 books in a single day is remarkable. So, it makes it even more difficult to say good-bye for now to Thunder From a Clear Sky. I have two appearances in 2008 to finish out commitments that I had made previously. Other than that, I am immersed in working on my new work. I am extremely grateful to Evansville for the support it gave this little project called Thunder. Its hard for me to process what the past 33 months have meant to me. I guess I'm just going to let it sink in for now.