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"Such a source on Kentucky's Confederate colonels, lieutenant colonels, and majors has never been published--until now."

James A. Ramage
Regents Professor of History,
Northern Kentucky University,
and author of

Rebel Raider: The Life of General John Hunt Morgan

"Kentuckians in Gray offers interesting and valuable biographical essays on the Confederate generals and field-grade officers who were born in Kentucky or whose lives were strongly attached to the state, with full emphasis on their Civil War careers."

Charles P. Roland
Professor Emeritus of History,
and author of
An American Iliad: The Story of the Civil War

"Kentuckians in Gray makes a noteworthy contribution to Kentucky and Confederate history. The editors have collected a group of informative biographical sketches of every Kentuckian who became a general officer in the Confederate States Army, the famous as well as the not-so famous. The editors also include a bonus, an annotated list of all field grade officers in Confederate units from Kentucky. A valuable reference, this volume should be in the library of both Kentucky history enthusiasts and serious students of the Civil War."

William J. Cooper, Jr.
author of

Jefferson Davis and the Civil War Era

"Kentuckians in Gray is an invaluable and original contribution to Kentucky and Civil War history. Both the biographical and bibliographical information in these fine sketches will be of great use to anyone interested in the story of the war in the Bluegrass State and beyond."

George C. Rable
Charles Summersell Chair in Southern History,
University of Alabama,
and author of

Fredericksburg! Fredericksburg!