Ed Bearss Visit

Ed Bearss earned the title of Chief Historian of the United States Park Service and is perhaps the most well-known, well-respected Civil War historian alive today. Many people know him from his appearances on the History Channel, A & E network, TLC, and, of course, his compelling appearance in Ken Burns' seminal Civil War series shown on PBS in 1990.
       On July 19, 2012, it was my pleasure to tour Mr. Bearss through the old downtown area of Newburgh, Indiana, and to discuss with him the events of Johnson's Newburgh Raid. Mr. Bearss didn't know that much about the raid and it was a joy and a privilege to tour a man through a Civil War site who himself is known as being a consummate Civil War tour guide. A real thrill for me. I don't mind telling you that I was a bit nervous.