Evansville North High School Appearance

My son and I were discussing various Civil War topics at home one evening and to my surprise he invited me to speak to his history class at Evansville's North High School. So, on December 12, 2008, for the first time ever, I gave an impromptu talk to an audience comprised exclusively of 17-year old students. I wasn't sure which aspects of local Civil War History would be of interest so I discussed various issues. Of course, I discussed the Newburg raid, but I also discussed Adam Johnson's role in Morgan's Raid into Indiana and Johnson's role in the Great Northwest Conspiracy, which I hardly ever mention in my talks. I really enjoyed myself and I think the kids did too. My thanks to Mr. Kohlmeyer for the invitation to his classroom to discuss local Civil War history. We discussed making myself and the book available for future classroom study and discussion.