Television Appearance on EVSC Community Link

I think it was in February when I was contaced by Andrew Coil who guides the Bosse High School Community Link film program. It is an award winning program that engages students in all different aspects of reporting and film-making. Its a great program and the students appear to love the experience. As a result of working with Andrew and his students I made my first substantive television apperance on local Evansville channel 9, WNIN - Public Broadcasting. It was an 18-minute clip for EVSC Community Link, which premiered on May 19, at 5:30 PM. The piece was set in Newburgh, Indiana, and we walked through town talking about different aspects of the rebel raid. Unfortunately, a technical hiccup obliterated the first 4 minutes of the broadcast. The program will be repeated often in the future and, for the sake of the students, I hope things can get fixed. They put a lot of work into it and did a great job. My grateful thanks to Andrew Coil and his Bosse students for a fantastic experience and a professionally rendered television piece.