Battle of Perryville Book Review Posted

I've just posted my review of Robert P. Broadwater's The Battle of Perryville, 1862: Culmination of the Failed Kentucky Campaign. This is early in the 3rd Quarter, but it was a fairly short book. Mr. Broadwater was very kind to answer a few questions for me to add to the review. Perryville, 1862 is a very nice job, the product of decades in the making. Having attended the 2002 Perryville battle re-enactment, I wanted to know more about the battle and the surrounding events. Broadwater's book has definitely enhanced my understanding of the Civil War experience in Kentucky. See my review for the whole story under the "My CW Book Reviews" button. I now start on The Longest Raid of the Civil War by Lester V. Horwitz for my 4th Quarter review. I'll need the time as the book is 456 pages. Mr. Horwitz has agreed to be interviewed as part of my book review.