Publisher Re-Launches Thunder from a Clear Sky

The publisher of Thunder from a Clear Sky, after a six month makeover, has re-launched the title into bookstores. This is the most significant news surrounding Thunder since its original launch in June 2005. The book has completely new cover text and graphics, a larger font and corresponding increased page count, re-scanned and clearer graphics, an entirely re-edited manuscript, and new praise pages all at a significantly reduced price (20% less for the softcover, 12% less for hardcover).
          Also in this update is a new, full-length book review of Thunder from a Clear Sky by Kirkus Discoveries. Kirkus is a book review outfit. Anyone who knows anything about Kirkus knows that they don't always say nice things about the books they review. Gratefully, they liked my book and the way I write. Check it out under the Thunder Book reviews button.
          Bonus! I have also added a new entry under the Newburgh Home Guard. The NHG was constantly changing over the course of the first two years of the war and my second entry shows some interesting insights into the September 1861 membership.
          I also added a new photo under my August 21 Vincennes write-up.
          By now I'm sure you've also noticed the completely new look for the website banner to integrate with the new Thunder cover. Thanks again to my graphics consultant, Don Johnson.