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April 2007

April 21 * Guest Speaker- Tell City/ Perry County Library, Tell City, IN
Tell City
Yours Truly at the Tell City/ Perry County Appearance April 21, 2007

I was invited to come to Perry County, Indiana, by Larry Oathout, Director of the Tell City/ Perry County LIbrary. For those of you not aware of the location of Tell City - it is maybe 50 miles east and upriver of Newburgh. The Tell City library had a mini-Civil War program on Saturday, April 21 and it was my great pleasure to be part of it. I have to relate one little annoyance about living in southwestern Indiana - I can never tell what time zone I'm in once I start traveling north and east of Evansville. Part of the year Evansville is on the same time as most of Indiana and part of the year we aren't. This is the long way of saying that about half way to Tell City I became convinced that I was going to arrive late because I hadn't calculated a change in time zones. The last 30 miles to Tell City were covered in record time I assure you. All for naught as it turned out. Tell City and Evansville were on the same time zone. I still can't figure the time zones out.
        Anyway, since Tell City is a small town and Perry County is quite rural I wasn't sure just how many people would show up. A crowd of about 25 came to the library and I was happy to come and do my thing. I had a great time. It was a very loose affair. After my talk I was followed by local historian Mike Rutherford who did a nice talk on local Perry County Civil War affairs. I hung around and talked to everyone afterward and sold a bunch of books. I drove home in good order and was happy I went to Perry County. It was my first appearance in four weeks and I worry about getting rusty - luckily everything turned out ok.