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June 2007

June 26 * Guest Speaker- Lincoln Heritage Public Library, Dale, IN
Some of the crowd at the Lincoln Heritage Library in Dale, Indiana
(I'm in the white shirt at center sitting on the table)

Marsha Hicks worked very hard to make my appearance at the Lincoln Heritage Library in Spencer County a success- and a success it was! I started the evening by accepting an invitation to dinner at Marsha's house with several members of the book club before we headed over to the library. Marsha and her husband were wonderful hosts and I had a great time talking to the book club members beforehand. The discussions helped me relax and consider what I wanted to talk about at the library presentation. Once at the library I was welcomed by a large crowd of patrons. There were perhaps 35 people at the presentation which was a great group of people for a relatively small town. The thing I enjoyed the most was that there were folks from 18 to 83 years old in the crowd and everyone seemed to enjoy the talk. I probably talked a little more about Henderson, Kentucky, than I normally do, but that's the way it goes. Henderson is important to the Newburgh story and my book in so many ways- so Henderson deserves the time. I was also asked some great questions after the presentation and great questions are where I really get to have some fun. Its a big responsibility to inform and entertain folks for 40 minutes during a speech and I really enjoy a great question and answer session afterwards.
       I want to thank Marsha Hicks and the entire staff at the LIncoln Heritage Library for giving me one of the most enjoyable experiences this year. I really appreciate it and enjoyed every minute.

June 28 * Guest Speaker- Warrick County Rotary Club, Boonville, IN
Answering a question at the Warrick County Rotary Club appearance

I don't often get the opportunity to do a midday speech, but it was a joy for me to accept an invitation to come to lunch and speak to the Warrick Rotary Club. I used my new car GPS system to get there and guess what- the thing worked perfectly taking me through each turn along the way. I'm still being pulled into the 21st century- slowly.
       Jack Baker was my contact and he enjoyed the book so much that he invited me to come and talk to the group. I really appreciated the offer. I got there, met Jack, ate lunch and chatted. It was a very small group of 8 or 10 people. No mind, I love to talk about the Newburgh raid and I would be just as happy to talk to one person over lunch anywhere. The Rotary Club is a short speech- only about 15 to 20 minutes. I just about got started and it was over. I only had a chance to talk about how I came to write
Thunder From a Clear Sky. I didn't talk about the raid itself- no time. I sold several books and then drove back to work. It was a short, fun outing and my thank to the Rotary Club and Jack Baker.